About Us

We are a specialist recruitment agency that sources people from all walks of life for private enterprises in need of a labour force. Giving people a chance where they need it most, we can recruit for your business from a number of previously untapped resources; namely HMPPS (serving and ex-offenders who have been through rehabilitation and are risk assessed to work again) and also people from the wider community who are going through difficult times: people who might attend one of our affiliate Community Centres looking to take advantage of a food or clothing bank. We aim to be a place of hope and refuge for those who most need the support. When people come to Future Pathways for accommodation, jobs, food and clothing we intend to make them feel safe and do the best we can for them.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to Jobs | Food | Clothing | Accommodation

We are building a new type of community centre which the vulnerable will be able to reach out to in times of need. Future Pathways will bring all aspects of basic support together in one location. We also intend to work with the prison service to assist offenders who have gone down the wrong path – bringing them back to a meaningful routine which will ultimately benefit the wider community.

The aftermath of Covid-19

The pandemic has touched everyone in the community but none more-so than those who were already vulnerable. The elderly, homeless and unemployed, to name but a few, have borne the brunt of the impact from the virus and their plight has gone from bad to worse. We feel that the measure of a community’s success can easily be assessed by taking a look at how it’s weakest members are looked after.  A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link and Future Pathways’ mission is to strengthen and maintain the most vulnerable part of our community.




Recruitment Events

Food Banks

Community Centres


There is a national shortage of hostel spaces for men and women who have reached the end of their prison sentences after years of good behaviour and rehabilitation. This means that many are left languishing in prison long past their tariffs until accommodation becomes available. Future Pathways is in the process of trying to establish it’s first hostel or “Approved Premises” to get reformed people back on the road to success.

Women’s Hostels

The failure to solve a chronic shortage of suitable housing options for women who offend leads to more crime, more victims and more unnecessary and costly imprisonment. Safe, secure housing is crucial in breaking that cycle and the harm it causes to our communities.

Safe Accommodation

A lack of appropriate and safe accommodation increases the risk of (re)offending – without stable housing it is harder to engage in employment and training, or to access support services.


Communication, cooperation and joined up working between prison authorities, probation services, housing providers, and local authorities needs to be urgently improved.


There are not enough hostels in the right places, and this reduces the chance that rehabilitation and resettlement work will be effective. People need to engage with the communities they will live in…. – HM Inspectorate of Probation

“There is little national understanding of the impact of hostels on the risks posed by residents and on meeting residents’ needs. “

– HM Inspectorate of Probation

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

A small team of community-minded individuals came together in early 2020 and pledged to try and make things better in the local community. Since then, our support has grown and we have established links with many similar organisations across the UK alongside various points of contact within the prison service willing to promote the recruitment of prisoners and assist with joining ex offenders with jobs and accommodation.

Our Founder

Consultant / prodigal son

A well respected businessman from Stockport who became victim to a fierce gambling habit and took a wrong turn in his life, has been to the brink and found himself in an extremely vulnerable position. It was in the darkest moments of his life that he realised he needed to turn things around not just for himself, but for the people who have nothing, the weakest members of our community. When he was in the thick of it, he realised just how many needed a helping hand for the betterment of the wider community.